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About WINGS at Maharashtra

Women in Need Given Support (WINGS) is a women empowerment NGO situated in Palghar, Maharashtra. The nonprofit organization was started in 2013 for bringing gender equality with a belief that women are the architects of society. The Palghar based organization encompasses diverse segments to pledge support to women and honour them in all spheres.

Empowering women by encouraging them to participate and enhance their potential towards individual, social and economic growth are the principles of WINGS, the Palghar based nonprofit organization. Supporting WINGS through voluntary support and charity will help the organization work on women and community empowerment on a broader spectrum.

Physical address: Tiberius Bldg Ground Floor, Next to Bishop House, Barampur, Vasai West, Dist - Palghar. Pin - 401 207.

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Founder's vision & message

Late Ami Yogendra Baxi was a true socialist who never laid down against injustice towards the weak. It was her constant urge to work for the betterment of women which made her lay the foundation of WINGS in 2013. Her charismatic leadership inspired volunteers to emerge wherever she needed support.

The charitable institution had always been the dream of Late Smt. Ami. WINGS gave her the opportunity to empower Indian women first hand. Her gesture of dedication also inspired others to contribute towards the NGO. Being a part of a community like this is a blessing in itself. Support your voluntary efforts and help bring charity to Maharashtra based WINGS.

Support WINGS at Maharashtra

It’s true that we can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. By uniting together for a common cause, you can help the Palghar based WINGS, the women empowerment NGO to strengthen the status of Indian women. Your small contribution can bring wonders to the lives of many. Support via voluntary participation & help by bringing charity to the organization. Connect with WINGS

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