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Sweccha, New Delhi

Founded in


Working for

Environment & Global Warming

Active In

New Delhi


20+ Years Active
58000 + trees planted
1 lakh + children supported

Sweccha , New Delhi

Sweccha is a 20 years old NGO working for environment and global warming in Delhi. In addition the NGO is also helping children through education and also tackles social issues prevailing in the Indian society. With more than 70000 volunteers engaged and 1 lakh children benefitted, the NGO is rapidly expanding its wings across Delhi region. The NGO focuses on sustainable living and promotes environmental conservation activities.

Sweccha, the non-profit organization has teamed up with other related NGOS that are promoting bio-degradable products, tree plantation and water cleanliness drives, etc. The NGO is always looking for enthusiastic minds that are ready to co-work for shaping a new-sustainable nation. If you are passinate for bringing up a better India, join the drive by connecting with the NGO.

Physical address: Delhi

Contact details:

Phone: 011-2954-4678


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Founder's vision & message

There are a few incredible minds behind the inception of Sweccha, the NGO for environmental protection and global warming in Delhi. Building a green economy is what they firmly believe in. Through their active drives the non-profit organisation holds awareness campaigns, educational seminars and more. The 20 years old NGO is fuelled up with team members who actually want to bring a positive change in the nation through sustainable development on the whole.

A youth-run NGO is a high-pace organization. Sweccha works on the modal of active participation and this is what has led it towards achieving new heights in Delhi and nearby regions. Team Sweccha is also rendering appreciable services in social upliftment and education across the capital region. The NGO highly appreciates voluntary participation, supplies and donation for better running of the organisation.

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