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About RESQ Charitable Trust at Pune, Lonavala

RESQ was founded by Tanya Kane in 2007 with a mission to live the day where all animals are happy and free from suffering. Based in Pune, this animal rescue and support NGO works toward reducing human-animal conflict by rescuing and treating street animals who are sick or injured. This local non-profit believes in lending a helping hand to the street animals and make their life better by supporting them with a vast range of rehabilitation, vaccination, shelter, and recovery options. As a charitable trust based in Pune, India, RESQ strives to provide treatment to street animals who are sick or injured across Pune. Work with this local animal welfare NGO to improve the life of stray animals who live from one day to the other. Support through donation, supplies support or volunteer work to lend a helping hand to this Pune based NGO.

Physical address: Plot No. 3906, Paud, 115, Mulshi Rd, Hill Town, Chandani Chowk, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411022

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RESQ strives to realize the day when all stray animals are happy and free from unnecessary suffering. The organization began work at a time when there were no other entities conducting hands-on rescue for animal emergencies on the streets of Pune. Support this non-profit by making a direct financial donation or working with its founders at the ground level to change mute lives. Visit the official website of RESQ to learn more about the efforts of this Pune based animal welfare NGO.

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