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About PHILANTS at Pune

Philants is a Pune-based nonprofit organization that was born on 29th September 2017. This registered NGO works for the betterment of the homeless and has more than 170 volunteers that actively gather rations, clothing, and other necessary supplies for homeless people whom they refer to as “street residents”. They also organize various awareness drives time to time and celebrate the joy of festivals with the homeless.

Gestures like donating hampers on Diwali and other Indian festivals are the virtuous deeds that volunteers of this Pune based nonprofit organization perform actively. Your support and voluntary efforts can greatly help Philants NGO to do more community service for the homeless!

Physical address: Pune, Maharashtra

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Founder's vision & message

Philants was founded by Pranjal Oswal, the energetic Zumba instructor in 2017. The Pune-born and brought-up Pranjal is a cheerful personality who passed her schooling from  DPS Pune. She always wanted to do something for the homeless and founding Philants was her first step of charity for the “street residents” of Pune.

As time passed, more volunteers came up to be part of Pune-based NGO. With her sincere efforts and positive attitude, the organization has been running successfully since its inception. With the charity and voluntary efforts of people like you, it can grow more and make this world a better place for “street residents” of Pune.

Support PHILANTS at Pune

Our greatness is not what we have, it’s what we give. Become a volunteer at Philants, the Pune-based NGO, and contribute towards building a better society for the homeless. Your every donation counts, be it small or big. Together, we can make a difference! Support this nonprofit organization today!

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