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About Odser at Pune

Driven by the philosophy to uplift women, Odser NGO is a Pune-based registered nonprofit organization formed for the girl child. Promoting women empowerment through various active drives, women-led movements, and support groups, Odser NGO has benefitted the lives of underprivileged women in the Pune region. The organization focuses on developing the skills via creating passionate learners and leaders. Become a volunteer at Odser and make things better for the underprivileged women!

At Odser NGO, volunteer values are defined by their culture and each member imbibes their core values in the organization’s overall functioning. This Pune-based nonprofit envisages a world where women are loved, respected, and cherished. Learning here is embraced by discovering new skills and sharing the resources with the world. Become a volunteer at this Pune based NGO!

Physical address: Flat no. 2, Plot no. 170, Sunrise Cooperative Housing Soceity, Lulla Nagar, Pune- 411040

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7666777075, president@odser.org, odsercharitabletrust@gmail.com

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Official website: https://odser.org/

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Founder's vision & message

Dr. Prem Sethi is the founder Chairman of ODSER. He started the Pune-based NGO in 2014. Dr. Prem is a visionary in the field of education and women’s rights. He dreams of building a community that is committed to gender equality where every child is educated. This is also the prime motivation behind Odser NGO.

Dr. Prem believes that the solution to women’s rights wasn’t limited to building schools but was to make every girl reach there and attain quality education. He believes in the power of youth and therefore his team comprises enthusiastic volunteers includingwho  teens and young adults. Odser, the Pune based  voluntary organization is fulfilling its aim of educating every child with passion and dedication.

Support Odser at Pune

Providing basic necessities to the underprivileged isn’t enough. Your support and voluntary efforts will help us ensure every underprivileged girl child in and around the Pune region gets the best education. This can be achieved through your active voluntary participation and donations. Give Odser a helping hand and make this Pune based voluntary organization the support it needs. Join today!

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