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About NYAASS at Pune

Nityah Youth Association for Awakening Self & Society (NYAASS) is based in Pune, Maharashtra. Working on various platforms, this nonprofit organization works for the betterment of children. Education, food, hygiene and health are the major issues that this Maharashtra situated NGO is currently focusing upon. Since its inception in 2019, the NGO has actively benefitted the lives of thousands of homeless and poor children.

Group effort of the youth of Maharashtra has been the driving force behind their active operations. Providing elementary education through collaborations with local private schools has aided NYAASS to improve the livelihood of these children. With your support and donations, Pune based Nityah Youth Association for Awakening Self & Society (NYAASS) can work even more efficiently.

Physical address: Karvenagr, Pune, Maharashtra

Contact details:

079724 18492, nyaass.hrdept@gmail.com

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Official website: https://www.facebook.com/nyaassorganization/

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Founder's vision & message

NYAASS nonprofit organization is a result of collaborative efforts of the youngsters of Pune region in Maharashtra. Nityah Youth Association for Awakening Self & Society NGO founders are dedicated wholeheartedly towards making lives better for the unprivileged children. Despite hurdles and financial shortcomings, the nonprofit organization is working effortlessly since 2019.

Currently functioning in Karvenagar, NYAASS is planning to reach beyond and help the marginal sections of other regions of Pune. Their drives are inspiring and campaigns are fruitful . Becoming a volunteer at NYAASS will help you get to the core of their functionality and work trajectory.

Support NYAASS at Pune

Never get tired of doing little things for others! With a firm belief to uplift the children of marginal sections, nonprofit organizations like Pune’s NYAASS are aiding them in terms of health, education and sanitation. Your collaborative voluntary efforts and a token of monetary donation can make these organizations self sustain. Connect with NYAASS and make this world a happy place for all.

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