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About Mowgli Aid at Chandigarh

Mowgli Aid, the animal rescue NGO is gaining popularity in the Tricity. The Chandigarh based animal rescue nonprofit organization was initiated in 2020. With an aim to rescue and foster strays including birds, dogs, horses, bulls and much more, this initiative works 24/7 across the Tricity region. The active volunteers and members of Mowgli Aid have started this drive to ensure no animal is abandoned, tortured or exploited.

Within a short span of a few months Mowgliaid, the Chandigarh based NGO has rescued hundreds of street animals from brutality, road accidents and cracker abuse. Become a volunteer at Mowgli Aid, Chandigarh and make this world a better place for the animals. Charity in any form is appreciated!

Physical address: Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur

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080549 11911,

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Founder's vision & message

Mowgli Aid, the Tricity based NGO for strays is an initiative of a group of youth. The founders include volunteers who love and care for these animals. With a goal to reduce animal suffering by rescuing, rehabilitating and providing treatment for sick and homeless animals, Mowgli Aid non-profit organization has done remarkable work.

The founders have a clear goal, making this planet a happy place for all living beings.  All that Mowgli Aid needs is your support and cooperation. Become a volunteer with Chandigarh’s growing animal NGO and help them improve the lives of thousands of furry and mute friends. Donate freely and volunteer wholeheartedly.

Support Mowgli Aid at Chandigarh

Organizations like Mowgli Aid need voluntary efforts from animal lovers like you. Help them do more for our speechless, furry friends. Join the drive and donate your time and energy via community work with Chandigarh’s active nonprofit organization, Mowgli Aid. Let’s grow the charity organization with one goal, animal rehabilitation and happiness.

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