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About Fly Higher World at Bangalore

Bringing skilled education to economically disadvantaged children  is the prime thought that fuels Fly Higher. Bangalore based nonprofit is an initiative of APMVM foundation. The institution focuses on 21st century skills, a set of specific abilities needed to advance the present day’s era of information. Using modern technology and teaching methodology, it aids underprivileged children to understand mindfulness and develop character building. 

This Bangalore based NGO also emphasises on  developing  teamwork, decision making, communication skills and all essential elements that contribute to the overall growth of their personality and approach towards a meaningful life. Support Fly Higher, Bangalore to help young children realize their dreams.

Physical address: Flat 32, APMVM Foundation 5, Edward Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

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Founder's vision & message

Vishal Mimani’s enduring heart is behind the inception of FHI. His continuous orphanage visits made him realize how much these children were deprived of modern education. It didn’t take him long to realize that the children craved proper guidance and support. He was surprised to learn that it was his valuable conversations with the pupils that mattered to them rather than material gifts. 

This was the time when the thought of providing these underprivileged children with 21st century skills came to his mind. With immense love for children, FHI Bangalore has been spreading love and education in the best possible manner since 2018.

Support Fly Higher World at Bangalore

Help FHI Bangalore do more! Institutions like Fly Higher depend upon contributions and support from people like you. This NGO can thrive for years and deliver selfless service to underprivileged children with the right support. Every rupee and volunteer effort counts! The more you support, the better these children’s lives will be. Help Fly Higher bring a positive change in society.

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