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About FETE India at Uttar Pradesh

From extra to enough. This thought gave birth to FETE India in 2019. The Meerut based NGO has been actively participating in social upliftment drives for the unprivileged children and individuals. Through food camps, education drives, health supplies and clothing, the Meerut based nonprofit organization has successfully improved the life of the poor and needy.

Organizations like FETE India grow with sincere efforts of their team members and voluntary support from social enthusiasts like you. This is the reason behind FETE India being able to deliver food items, medicines, clothing and books to the deprived sections of Meerut region. With a small token of gratitude and participation, you can also become a nurturing hand supporting this nonprofit.

Physical address: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

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Official website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fete-india-ngo-5492a11b8/?originalSubdomain=in

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Donate 200 rupees or more to help this NGO continue its work.

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Founder's vision & message

From Extra to Enough, FETE India is the brainchild of Anmol Dhingra and Ishan Chawla. The enthusiasts came up with the idea of formulating this Meerut based NGO in 2019 but the thought of serving the underprivileged was sparkling in their minds since their teenage.

Through their Meerut based nonprofit organization, Anmol and Ishan are working at grassroots level and tried to eradicate the notion of “service” mentality. Their community focused work and voluntary efforts of their team members have made them expand their reach across various regions in the Meerut district of UP.

Support FETE India at Uttar Pradesh

NGOslike FETE India grow with the active efforts of volunteers. Supporting their work through your voluntary participation or a small token of donation can make the Meerut based nonprofit organization expand their reach to the unchartered waters. Join the cause with a purpose of social upliftment!

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